Server Rules:

1:  ASK ME BEFORE YOU JUST LOG ON TO MY SERVER. I will ban all unknown people and report your IP as malicious.
2:  No building on / around spawn.
3:  Don't modify other players buildings.
4:  No stealing from other players. (I will ban you for it.)
5:  Don't use this as an excuse to avoid your chores(or your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, ect).
6:  Do not exploit / use any hacks, glitches, ect. (Doing so will result in an ip / player account ban and your account will also be reported to Mojang)
7:  Please use common sense... If you dont want or like having it happen to you... why would you do it to somone else?
8:  Have fun!!!


New mod pack!!! Please join me on my first custom mod pack: Munkkit!
To do this you will have to add my pack to the technic launcher.
Pack url:



Tired of having to stop playing / building just to type and convey a message?
Come chat with us on Teamspeak while you play!
Teamspeak3 required. Get it here:

Server address:
Password: N/A


Please help keep this site and servers going!
For the most part everything is run out of my pocket.